Everything You Need to Know About an Aesthetic Doctor in Singapore

Teams of Aesthetic Doctors and patient

Initial judgements are often based on a person’s physical appearance. The skin, being the largest external organ in the body, is often the first thing that people notice about you so whether you like it or not, having clear skin matters a great deal. This is also why it is not surprising to know that the majority of the population in Singapore has, in one way or another, invested in a skin-enhancing product, treatment, or procedure in the past.

Aesthetic medicine in Singapore

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The aesthetic medicine sector in Singapore is flourishing due to the high demand for all kinds of aesthetic services. People are willing to pay for top-notch quality treatments and procedures; however, finding a good aesthetic doctor in Singapore is just as difficult as finding the best solution for skin and aesthetic concerns.

Naturally, you want someone who has a wide range of experience in his or her given field. A good aesthetic doctor in Singapore should be capable of assessing your condition an expert manner and he or she should be willing to listen to your concerns in order to understand the outcome that you want to achieve. Undergoing an aesthetic treatment or procedure is, for some, as simple as taking a walk in the park, but for others, it a giant leap of faith that required hours of careful research and preparation. It may be a life-altering decision for some people so it is important for an aesthetic doctor to treat each case with integrity and utmost respect.

Qualities to look for in the best aesthetic doctors

The proposed solution should be according to the suitable types of aesthetic services and there should never be, under any circumstance, overpromising when it comes to the delivery of results. The aesthetic doctor should be honest on all aspects and details in order to gain the patient’s trust. Possible worst-case scenarios, complications, and side effects of the aesthetic treatment should always be clear to the patient. This is not intended to scare you out, but you need to understand that no matter how safe treatment or procedure may be, there are still risks that you need to be aware of. Your aesthetic doctor in Singapore should provide a realistic treatment plan – starting from an open and honest consultation to proper setting of expectations before, during, and after the treatment or procedure, including the provision of aftercare guidelines. Every patient should always feel safe and well taken care of by both the aesthetic clinic and the doctor. Ultimately, you should be comfortable with your selected beauty treatment or procedure.

What sets MY Medical Aesthetics apart from the rest

MY Medical Aesthetics is a premier aesthetic clinic in Singapore with years of experience in providing high-quality solutions backed by innovations in medical science. We offer different aesthetic treatments and procedures for the face and the body. Our philosophy is simple: we will strive to bring out the best version of yourself. A radiant, more confident you who is not afraid to take on the world. You – and all of our patients in the past, current, and future – are our greatest achievement. Not even all of the world’s greatest accolades can make us prouder than seeing you being proud to be yourself.

Our aesthetic doctors in Singapore are trained in different spectrums of aesthetic medicine, from medical lasers to dermal fillers. We provide customized options, too, because each patient has unique skin types, conditions, and needs. Combining tailored solutions with expert skills, we deliver only the best possible results for our dear patients.

Types of treatments

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MY Medical Aesthetics specializes in minimally-invasive, non-surgical treatments. Our passion to expand our expertise and knowledge in the field of aesthetic medicine has given us the opportunity to provide evidence-based and effective aesthetic treatments.  Our aesthetic services are reliable, results-driven, and absolutely safe. We have a carefully-curated set of equipment from the top and leading medical technology manufacturers around the globe to guarantee our patients’ and our doctors’ safety and to deliver utmost efficacy. We have invested in the latest, top-of-the-line technological advancements that promote shorter downtime because we understand the difference of minimal downtime to your quality of life. We want to see you enjoy every second of your life because your joy is our greater joy.


MY Medical Aesthetics believes that the cornerstone of every great aesthetic clinic should be innovation, quality, and above all, patient safety. It is always the best interest of our customers that is considered, first and foremost, and everything else will fall into place. We believe that it is our duty to provide quality treatments at a price that will not break the bank. After all, everyone should be able to afford beauty and we believe that is possible through innovation.


You can contact MY Medical Aesthetics clinic if you wish to schedule a consultation with our aesthetic doctors. We will be more than glad to provide information or answer questions about the aesthetic treatments and procedures that we offer.

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